the herbster plan

A Plan for all nebraskans

As a political outsider, businessman, and fifth-generation farmer and rancher, Charles W. Herbster is ready to be the next Republican Governor of Nebraska. Together, we will build a brighter future for Nebraska.

the herbster plan

Respect for our Farm Values

As a fifth-generation farmer and rancher, I understand that agriculture lies at the heart of Nebraska. It is time for a Nebraska farmer and rancher to lead our great state toward successful solutions.

the herbster plan

opportunity & prosperity

The Nebraska tax system is not working for Nebraskans. As a businessman, farmer and rancher, I feel the weight that has been placed on us. Property and income taxes are crushing small businesses, creating undue burden on farmers and ranchers, and promoting large government in Nebraska.
It is time for Nebraska to completely rehaul the system. States like South Dakota have implemented a FAIR Tax System that works for everyone. The creation of a new consumption-based tax system will rebuild those forgotten communities and restore the heart of our state.

the herbster plan

Nebraska First

We must carry on President Trump’s America First policies to keep our businesses open and thriving.

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